Super climate solution

The solution

For the solution of the global warming problem in practice the following factors have been taken into consideration:

  • The atmosphere and particularly the troposphere where most of the important weather occurrences take place and where the increase of the global warming originates by the increasing concentrations of the greenhouse gases - and particularly the water vapor.
  • ENERGY is delivered by the Sun Radiation photons who act as an intermedia by its transmission to the greenhouse gases of which the water vapor is the dominating one.
  • The major greenhouse gases take part in cycles where the Sun Radiation ENERGY is built into a large number of structures created by the photosynthetic processes where H2O and CO2 are the main greenhouse gas components and CH4, N2O to a lesser amount.
  • The structures created are either used as: food, raw material in various useful products like construction wood, paper, tall oil etc. and/or to some degree being waste but containing useful and recoverable ENERGY.
  • That all of the cyclical components: ENERGY, the greenhouse gases, the structures created in the cyclical photosynthesis processes - can be effectively recreated and recovered.
  • Substantially increased planting of plants to correspond to population growth and increased demand of energy.
  • The possibility to build into the process system decreased temperature of material leaving the process after having gone through.
  • The ENERGY recreated or recovered by the available solution can replace fossil ENERGY in practical use.
  • The SOLUTION satisfies SEEMS, the “Super Efficient Energy Management System” requirement.

Based on these criteria the comprehensive process system including efficient equipment for the combating of the global warming has been designed to provide the following benefits:

  • High ENERGY efficiency.
  • The basic equipment turns temperature increase to temperature decrease for material leaving the process.
  • Works well with nature and established structures and processes.
  • Sustainable.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Commercially competitive and viable.
  • Creation of jobs.
  • Saving deposits of fossil fuels and the nature from unwanted exploitation.
  • Has the potential for the stabilization and the restoration of Earth´s climate at acceptable levels.

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